• 26 December 2000
  • waiting 39 days
  • Lahore

Cynthia Emmanuel is 17, a poor but very talented girl. She is an expert at paintings, a good art designer, and a dancer. Her father died while working on the third floor, painting a wall, he slipped from a ladder and died at the spot.

This was a turning point for the family, all his dreams dashed away with him. He left behind his illiterate and unskilled wife with 5 kids to bring up and educate them.

Mrs. Emmanuel was very worried about her kids and their education. They were studying at our school at that time. She came to us and asked for the school leaving certificate without telling the actual reason and she tried to hide the death news of her husband. Our school gave full education support in terms of resources as well. A few years after, Cynthia’s mother passed away as she had been living in depression and died by heart attack suddenly.

Well, Cynthia was the youngest one and all the other siblings started their own lives in their own ways and left her behind ignored and unattended. She left the school, one day we started an investigation and came to learn she is in the problem and was about to join some bad group of girls, to meet her needs and living. So we decided to adopt her in our orphanage.

MCOC took responsibility because we did not want her to be the part of bad society as most of the girls do in such situation. Now, she is living a happy and blessed life. She is a student of intermediate part-II, (grade XII). She is determined to become a lawyer and serve her nation with devotion. We are determined to support till her marriage after professional education.

She is thankful to MCOC and she is glad to be the part of Mother Care Orphan Centre family, for showing rite track of living a normal and prosperous life.


  • Gender: Girl
  • Studying In: F.A (second year )
  • Enjoys: Dancing, arts & craft, singing
  • Talents: Arts & Crafts .
  • Siblings: 5
  • Home: Lahore Pakistan.
  • Bedding: Bunker Bed
  • School: CIMS Degree College
  • Language: Urdu, Punjab, English
  • Child ID: 004

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