ESHA JOHNSON 16 years old

  • 25 June 2004
  • waiting 39 days
  • Shekhupura

Esha is 16 Minisha is 14, Tabita 12, Adnan 11 & Mishal 8 year’s old 4 sisters & 1 brother. Johnson was the father of them. He was drugs taker and he was not able to do any job. He always out of control with drugs and sleeping all day. Nazia was the wife of Johnson and she was always caring about her children and husband. She was facing the financial problem and she joins job as a sweeper. During the job, she falls in love with another man. He was the owner of the house where she was working. When her husband feels that she is busy to in that another man so he can’t beat that. One day he was trying to stop that relation but Nazia was not acceptable to leave her relation because she was deeply involved with this wrong relation. One day she makes a plan to kill Johnson. One day Johnson was sleeping in his home and Nazia killed him with a knife and run away with her boyfriend to leave the kids. Kids were living in the father’s parents. After two months police arrested Nazia and send her to jail. The family of Johnson is totally destroyed. One day we got a call from the grandparents of them so we meet with them and adopted the children.


  • Gender: Girl
  • Studying In: 6th Grade
  • Enjoys: stitching Designing
  • Talents: maths experts
  • Siblings: 5
  • Home: Shekhupura Pakistan.
  • Bedding: Bunker Bed
  • School: Ghuri Wisdom High School
  • Language: Urdu, Punjab
  • Child ID: 016

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