MERRY NAZAM 10 years old

  • 12 January 2009
  • waiting 39 days
  • Lahore

Suneha Nazam & Merry Nazam are sisters. Suneha is 12 & Merry is 10 Years old. They are innocent and don’t know about hard turns of life. Their Father’s name is Nazam he died in the childhood of them. Safia was a mother of Suneha and Marry. She is an uneducated housewife. She hasn’t any skill to do any official and another job. After the death of her husband she was in crises even, they haven’t any food for them. She had started working at different places as a sweeper and chief but couldn’t get much money. After that, she met with the sex industry group. They focused to get her attraction in that business and they offer her to handsome salary for this work. She was needy at that time and she accepted the opportunity to fulfill the need of herself. She was getting involved very deep in that business that was not good for Merry and Suneha. When she was in this business some people were there who wanted to send her to another place for their work and money. She doesn’t want to go there. It was all destroying her daughter’s future and life and she can’t live without her daughters.
Mary’s mother was also worried from inside for her daughter’s future but couldn’t do anything because she was badly involved in that business. She tries to hide them from the sex industry people because they send her another place. But she couldn’t hide from them one night she was sleeping in her house with a daughter some people came to in her home and they kidnapped her. Merry and Suneha don’t know what was happening there. That was the last time when they met the mother of them. After they kidnapped her she never came back not anyone knows that she was alive or not. Merry and Suneha were living with an old couple. They reached to us and request us to adopt them. We quickly respond them according to the situation and now the kids are with us in the mother care center. They are happy now and enjoying life.


  • Gender: Girl
  • Studying In: 4th Grade
  • Enjoys: Drawing,
  • Talents: cooking
  • Siblings: 2
  • Home: Lahore Pakistan.
  • Bedding: The floor with a mattress
  • School: Ghuri Wisdom High School
  • Language: Urdu, Punjab
  • Child ID: 008

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