PRINCE SHAHID 11 years old

  • 3 Feb 2008
  • waiting 39 days
  • Khanpur Shekhupura

Zahid Shahid is 12, Prince Shahid is 10 and Aster Shahid is 8 years old are siblings. They belong to small village .Now they are part of MCC. Mr. Shahid was a father of them. He died with cancer some years ago. They were living in a rented home so right after his death they had lost their home. Their mother did a low salary job to maintain her home’s expanses. She wasn’t able to get financial or other support from her parents and relatives because of the clashes between the both families. She didn’t have so much good skill that she could get the good salary job. Her children were very small in their ages to do any work. She was doing a job as a House keeper in their village. All the expanses were getting so much high because her children were growing so fast. She also wanted to give her children an educated and good life but that time she wasn’t able to do all that. For sometime her children had ignored due to the family situations. Nobody helped them to make their ways easier.

The children’s education had stopped due to their crises and father’s sudden death. They had faced a lot crisis for a long time. After some time their mother faced many people in her life who had given her bad suggestions like bad ways to get much money. Sometimes she thought to choose those ways but never tried. It was not good for her to stay alone and support her children. Still she was doing her best for her family. Day by day their problems were becoming more. To fulfill their all needs she had no way. Due to all these problems her job was also getting disturbed and affected one day our team visited in that village and she meet with us .She got a way to give her children a best future due to the orphanage. Now her children are growing good in our orphanage by God’s grace. They are studying and getting all things that they want. They are happy in new life in Mother Care orphan Centre.


  • Gender: Boy
  • Studying In: 4th Grade
  • Enjoys: Drawing, Listening songs
  • Talents: Drawing, Sports
  • Siblings: 3
  • Home: Khanpur Shekhupura.
  • Bedding: Bunker Bed
  • School: Ghuri Wisdom High School
  • Language: Urdu, Punjab
  • Child ID: 011

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