WASEEM ASLAM 09 years old

  • 10 September 2010
  • waiting 39 days
  • Lahore

sabir is 12, Abid is 9 and Waseem is 7 years old. They are three sons of Mr. Aslam. Their mother’s name is Aasia. Aslam was working on bricks factory as slave labor. Once he saw the owner of bricks factory raping Christian girl. He tries to stop them from saving the life of a girl. They beat him badly and try to kill him. He was injured badly but they can’t kill him in front of all the people.

He was still doing a job there because he was slave labor. He was again busy in his work for some months all people were thinking the situation is normally the same as first. But the owner of the factory always dislikes him finding a way to kill him. One day he was working late at night two people come and kill him with a knife.
They were living in the cottages of Factory after the death of Aslam his wife was working there to clear finance of his husband. Children were also going to mother and do work hard with mother. We visited there and collect the kids for the bright future. Now she is still under the debit of the factory and still working there.


  • Gender: Boy
  • Studying In: 2nd Grade
  • Enjoys: Drawing, Listening songs
  • Talents: Drawing, Sports
  • Siblings: 3
  • Home: Lahore Pakistan.
  • Bedding: The floor with a mattress
  • School: Ghuri Wisdom High School
  • Language: Urdu, Punjab
  • Child ID: 013

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