I am zarish, I am 21 years old. My father was a cobbler and heart patient.H e died many years ago because with the heart attack.  I was 16 I was living with my mother. My married brother was living in a separate house. My mother was a sweeper in a factory with a very low salary. Then I decided to help my mother because she was the only earning hand. I joined work with my mother as a sweeper but I was not able to earn much money which we want for both of us. That time I decided but things went very worst to meet my needs. At least I decided to join sex racket secretly to earn much money. I was getting irritated day by day with this profession and had become sick, there was no one to even share it. Many times I try to leave this evil business but the owner of the evil business never wants to me to leave this business. They were blackmailing me to continue this work.

MOTHER CARE ORPHAN CENTRE knows about me and shares the gospel with me and gave me a counseling session. They released me from that racket and adopted me legally and provide me good, shelter, education etc.

I can never forget the support of MOTHER CARE ORPHAN CENTRE who gives me a bright future and my final destination. MCOC find an honest husband for me and bear all expenses of my marriage now I am a mother of a lovely son. I am thankful to MOTHER CARE ORPHAN CENTRE.